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Bune is a great duke of hell ruling over 30 legions of spirits or, "Bunis," he has the power to move the dead, grant riches, and answer truthfully to a bunch of different questions; he continues to grow in knowledge from learning from those who have passed. Bune is a relatively friendly demon who is commonly known for his influence in money magick. Though a powerful force of wealth and abundance, he's also a great friend and mentor to have at your side if you work with spirits on any level from mediumship to even necromancy.

Bune LOVES to be known, and in working with him he will generally ask you to spread his name and his power to others; burn an offering to Bune, see just how quickly he delivers, and you'll understand just exactly why he is so popular amongs magicians.

Print is on 8.5x11 (216mm x 279mm) 240gsm Ultra Premium Luster paper.