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Cassiel is the Archangel of Saturn and rules over time, boundaries, limits, and death. This is a being you have to WORK in order to be prepared to contact. When you contact Cassiel you are entering the realm of death, you are working with them and death spirits. They are the supreme force to turn to when you're working banishments/hexes/curses and trying to break limits or break something put on you. Cassiel is also very VERY wise, in working with Cassiel and Saturn your mind will be opened to new concepts and ideas that you couldn't even imagine, you will be able to channel wisdom from the Archangel who stands at the end and beginning of all things. The thing is, UNLESS you are well experienced with conjurations and protections and cleansings, you want to avoid working with them...i cannot stress enough that you are literally entering the realm of death with u conjure/invoke/evoke/channel them, if you are not at the point where you banish with ease, cleanse with ease, leave the right offerings with ease, protect with ease do NOT contact them. The spirits and energies that come with them will be able to see thru ur facade and not all of them have ur best interests at heart.

Print is on 8.5x11 (216mm x 279mm) 240gsm Ultra Premium Luster paper.