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Fotamecus is a spirit created by a group of chaotes (chaos witches) in the 90's. Fotamecus is able to help you speed up or shorten your perception of time; need more time to study? Fotamecus can help with that. Want your work day to hurry up? Fotamecus can help with that. The important thing to note is that whatever you shorten or draw out, that extra time will be channeled into another aspect of your life. For example you can use them to get home faster, but then your drive to work the next day may take way longer than normal. The easiest way people have utilized this is by going like "Make _____ go by faster, put that extra time into my sleep at night,". Fotamecus is very intelligent and many people do work with them. This is me giving form to their energy.

Print is on 8.5x11 (216mm x 279mm) 240gsm Ultra Premium Luster paper.

u can read more abt Fotamecus here: