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Sachiel is the Archangel of Jupiter, and the sphere of Chesed in the kabbalah. Sachiel has power over abundance, expansion, prosperity, education, and adventure. Through working with Sachiel you can learn and feel and allow grace into your life, allowing you to evolve your relationships to a new level, but in a more mundane way, it's rly good to work with for money magick. Sachiel can bring you into contact with Jupiter, and through Jupiter you can begin to allow grace into your life, open yourself up to more opportunities, and expand your horizons. You can work with Sachiel for money spells, opportunity spells, to help you study, to help you in meeting new people, to grow your skills/talents in something, and for luck.

Print is on 8.5x11 (216mm x 279mm) 240gsm Ultra Premium Luster paper.