The Popgoth Tarot

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The Popgoth Tarot is my legendary iconic deck I created in 2017. It's a rider waite based deck that reaches into thoth as well as other occult practices and influences. This deck is for both readings as well as spellwork, each card is coded with the energy of that specific meaning and essence, and can be channeled into spellwork for powerful results. Tarot delves into the shadows of our subconscious and situations, so I made mine bright to illuminate those parts of our world, to paint it with color. The deck is full of photo manipulations as well as digital art/3d renders.

These glossy cards are 70mm x 121mm, 2.75" x 4.75" and are printed on 350gsm professional quality card stock with blue core (smooth finish) and come with a matching glossy tuckbox.